Morlex - a lexical database for French

Morlex is a lexical database containing over 33.000 entries, for use in both basic research and NLP applications, such as information retrieval, speech synthesis and speech recognition.

Each entry represents a lemma (i.e. a base form) and contains the following information:

part-of-speech entries analysis generation oral form
adjective 3200 + - +
noun 20000 + - +
adj/noun 2200 + - +
verb 6773 + + -
adverb 1300 + - +
preposition 56 + - -
others 165 + - -

The lexical database is compiled into a form which can be used by a computer program.

Morlex software for analysis and generation of word forms

The Morlex database is accompanied by software for morphological analysis and generation.

Author: Piet Mertens


I thank the students who, over the last few years, directly or indirectly contributed to the construction of Morlex: Inge Hoorne, Filip Vercammen, Kevin Mouton, Kim Hermans. Thanks to Michel Bagein, for providing list of errors. Thanks to Eric Broeders, for the verbal morphology software.
This file is maintained by Piet Mertens
Last updated: Oct. 29, 1999